FNT ServicePlanet Enables Premium IT Services for Luxury Automaker

A powerful IT organization is a key success factor in today’s digitized business world. To improve customer orientations, simplify automation, and reduce delivery costs, one of the leading German luxury car manufacturers knew they needed to adopt an innovative approach to IT service management. In 2015, the international automotive company implemented FNT ServicePlanet to boost the efficiency of its internal IT service management activities and to provide standardized products and services to its employees. FNT ServicePlanet enabled reliable IT services that not only benefited employees, but also provided a better technical basis for their work results and the end product: premium-class vehicles. Continue reading “FNT ServicePlanet Enables Premium IT Services for Luxury Automaker”

Importance of Zone Management

Modern IT structures are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to control due to the disparate locations of IT assets and their components. As IT assets are constantly travelling throughout enterprise locations and organizational structures, implementing a comprehensive zone management solution is critical to keep track of assets, service lifecycles, and user responsibilities.

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Optimize Your Data Center to Reclaim Lost Capacities

Lost capacities within the data center are often the result of varying lifecycles between ICT assets, technical developments and facilities. As modern data center operations evolve past traditional design planning, both operational and financial challenges arise. For example, a typical data center is built to last at least 30 years, while facilities management infrastructure is designed to last 10-20 years. In this scenario, data center managers must determine how to reclaim lost capacities without investing in a full data center expansion.
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Significance of Standardized Methods to manage IT Projects successfully

It’s remarkable how often IT projects get out of control. Various studies show that more than 34% of all IT projects in the private sector fail in terms of costs, deadlines or acceptance of the final results. Especially projects regarding the implementation of documentation and management software are doomed to fail according to these surveys. Thus it’s true, that more than 30% of IT projects in the private sector cause higher costs than planned. And as the additional costs lay between 10% and 20%, we’re not talking about a few more pennies to spend.
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