Why Utilities Should Aim to Evolve New Business Models and Support Smart Cities

Electric utilities have all required resources at hand to support smart city scenarios. The underlying communications networks must be renewed anyway – why not using the investment for additional revenue? Ulrich Schälling, Head of Business Line Networks at FNT Software, sheds a light on new opportunities for utilities and how to overcome current challenges.
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Smart City Management Made Simple


Today’s digital transformation is far reaching and changes how cities embrace technology to deliver an array of services as well as make existing operations more efficient. To align with and adapt to “digitization”, many cities have implemented an array of solutions and systems but are struggling to maintain control because they lack a common management platform.
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The Smart City Becomes Reality

The cities of the future look very promising on paper: more efficient, more resource-friendly, more sustainable, and offering a better quality of life. Whether “smart” cities will achieve those goals depends largely on public acceptance of new technologies – and the quality of the IT infrastructure.
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From Smart City to Smart Country

As the world’s major cities become increasingly “smart”, they are driving the digital transformation. Rural areas need to follow suit or they risk being left behind. Although rendered difficult by the relative lack of resources, a “smart countryside” is nonetheless an achievable goal.
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