Advantages of Data Center Management in the Cloud

As hybrid digital infrastructures consisting of on-premises and cloud-based systems become more and more common within companies, complexity significantly increases. A professional data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool should be able to manage not only the data center itself, but also hybrid digital infrastructures in all their complexity. In the future, for example, even proprietary customer systems will have to be supplied with detailed information from the data center to ensure end-to-end processes.

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Hospital 4.0: How to Keep Pace with Digital Transformation

In many ways, IT is similar to the human body. Different parts are specialized to perform specific tasks, but they are all dependent on each other to function properly. Just as the brain controls the body, IT systems control every technical function and process within an organization. While we all know how to keep our bodies and brains healthy, what can be done to maintain a healthy environment for IT systems?

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