Industry Expertise: How to Achieve IT and OT Convergence

In today’s world of connectivity and real-time data, bridging the gap between IT and OT systems creates new opportunities to improve operational efficiency, meet customer demands, and keep pace with digital transformation. With enterprise applications (IT) and operations running the grid (OT) working together, utilities can benefit from disaster recovery and business continuity efforts. The integration of these systems enables an organization to optimize data consistency and management, which increases productivity and other efficiencies including network planning and engineering, service assurance, and service fulfillment.  

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How to Implement a Resource Management Solution – Part Two

In part one of our resource management blog post series, we discussed how to prepare for potential implementation problems and why it is critical to have a central database and unified data model in place to ensure a consistent view of the network at all times and to manage disparate data. In part two, we’ll dive into the key requirements of a resource management solution and how to manage implementation costs.

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