How to Implement a Resource Management Solution – Part One

Is your organization still using a fragmented set of tools or even manual processes to plan and manage network resources? Are you struggling to fulfill new products and services due to a lack of a holistic view of your assets and resources? If so, you’re not alone. Many telco operators are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with competitors, ensure service quality, and reduce operating costs without having the end-to-end visibility they so critically need from a fully integrated and automated resource management solution.

In this three-part series, we’ll discuss the how the implementation of such a management solution can help CTOs, network operation teams, and planning organizations keep track of available resources, speed up time to market of new services, prevent misconfiguration, reduce recovery time from network outages, and significantly lower overall OPEX. To ensure a cost-efficient and smooth implementation, it’s important to take common challenges into consideration and strategize a plan to overcome them beforehand.

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