Hospital 4.0: How to Keep Pace with Digital Transformation

In many ways, IT is similar to the human body. Different parts are specialized to perform specific tasks, but they are all dependent on each other to function properly. Just as the brain controls the body, IT systems control every technical function and process within an organization. While we all know how to keep our bodies and brains healthy, what can be done to maintain a healthy environment for IT systems?

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How to Implement a Resource Management Solution – Part One

Is your organization still using a fragmented set of tools or even manual processes to plan and manage network resources? Are you struggling to fulfill new products and services due to a lack of a holistic view of your assets and resources? If so, you’re not alone. Many telco operators are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with competitors, ensure service quality, and reduce operating costs without having the end-to-end visibility they so critically need from a fully integrated and automated resource management solution.

In this three-part series, we’ll discuss the how the implementation of such a management solution can help CTOs, network operation teams, and planning organizations keep track of available resources, speed up time to market of new services, prevent misconfiguration, reduce recovery time from network outages, and significantly lower overall OPEX. To ensure a cost-efficient and smooth implementation, it’s important to take common challenges into consideration and strategize a plan to overcome them beforehand.

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Reimagining Asset Management: Accelerating ITIL Processes and Incident Resolutions

Asset management provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications infrastructure to ensure operations are running as efficiently as possible. Identifying, documenting, monitoring, and managing arbitrary assets and all CI interrelationships is crucial to maintain and improve uptime, service delivery, productivity, and customer confidence. In part four of our eight-part asset management series, we’ll discuss how FNT Command serves as a holistic service asset base to accelerate ITIL processes and to resolve incidents faster. Continue reading “Reimagining Asset Management: Accelerating ITIL Processes and Incident Resolutions”

The challenge of bringing IT Operations ‘on board’ with colocation.

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Reimagining Asset Management: Optimizing Purchase Contracting and Maintenance Services

Is your organization looking to optimize ITIL processes, purchase new IT assets, or automate IT activities? In order to accurately plan for the future, maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all the current assets deployed is key. Educated guesses of your organization’s asset base simply won’t cut it, and frankly, are recipes for failure.

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Achieve a Successful Edge Deployment with FNT Software

By 2022, the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion. By far, the biggest driver of edge capacity is the Internet of Things (IoT). To accommodate the proliferation of connected devices that produce huge volumes of data, centralized networks have morphed into networks of distributed, dynamically interconnected systems spanning clouds, microservices, and software defined networks.

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FNT ServicePlanet Enables Premium IT Services for Luxury Automaker

A powerful IT organization is a key success factor in today’s digitized business world. To improve customer orientations, simplify automation, and reduce delivery costs, one of the leading German luxury car manufacturers knew they needed to adopt an innovative approach to IT service management. In 2015, the international automotive company implemented FNT ServicePlanet to boost the efficiency of its internal IT service management activities and to provide standardized products and services to its employees. FNT ServicePlanet enabled reliable IT services that not only benefited employees, but also provided a better technical basis for their work results and the end product: premium-class vehicles. Continue reading “FNT ServicePlanet Enables Premium IT Services for Luxury Automaker”

The Role of Airport IT in Keeping Digital Passengers Happy and Spending

The much-anticipated Aviation Festival Americas has come and gone. The conference rooms were packed with airline and airport executives from all over North and South America. Many sessions were standing room only – a testament to the industry’s collective desire to learn from and exchange ideas with their peers about how to satisfy the needs of their common customer – travelers. Two topics were on everyone’s mind: customer experience and innovation. Continue reading “The Role of Airport IT in Keeping Digital Passengers Happy and Spending”

How Infrastructure Management Can Facilitate Digital Transformation

To future-proof your tower sites, the proper management of all passive mobile infrastructure assets is critical. Ulrich Schälling, Head of Business Line Networks at FNT Software, recently discussed towerco management in the age of digital transformation in Pipeline Magazine. Read the full article here: Pipeline Magazine

FNT Command delivers Cable Management for Airports

Managing the multitude of airport assets, cabling, data connections, and heterogeneous systems can be challenging. As multiple critical systems function within a very limited space, airport operations are extremely complex and require proper documentation and comprehensive management to ensure operations consistently run smoothly.  Continue reading “FNT Command delivers Cable Management for Airports”