Industrialized Production of ICT Services – the Next Step

The Impact of Automation on ICT Service Management

Customer demand drives companies to innovate, while new technical possibilities lead to greater diversity in the product and service portfolio. Digitization has paved the way for the emergence of innovative offerings that combine physical products with ICT services. While customers enjoy unprecedented flexibility and personalization, providers have to rethink the way that ICT services are delivered and create sustainable, future-proof concepts that meet growing demands.
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New Business Models for Multi Tenant and Hosting Data Centres

Demand for MTDC/Hosting is set to increase over the next few years as Europe “catches up” with the US in terms of Enterprise outsourcing and cloud. As space and power have been commoditised, being able to differentiate with new business and financial models will mean the difference between success and failure.
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The Smart City Becomes Reality

The cities of the future look very promising on paper: more efficient, more resource-friendly, more sustainable, and offering a better quality of life. Whether “smart” cities will achieve those goals depends largely on public acceptance of new technologies – and the quality of the IT infrastructure.
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